" After my wife passed and I was left with a house in poor condition, I contacted The MLIne Capital. They seemed different than any investor I had spoken with. They told me there would be no costs to me, and that was 100% correct. I was very happy when we closed the deal. If you are going to sell a house and don’t want to have someone make a big deal over every little problem with the property, be sure to talk to The MLine Capital before you make any commitments. "

MLIne Capital-1
Harsh Malhotra

HR Manager, CLV World

" After talking to several real estate agents and finding out they all wanted me to update my house, basically spend money to sell it, I wasn’t willing to do that. I sold my home to The MLine Capital Properties. They we’re able to settle quickly, and I didn’t have to pay any commissions or do any repairs. This was the right thing for me, and I am glad I did it. "

Ishita Malhotra

Accountant, WeServe LLC.